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Allen Linen Supply is not simply the name of another linen supplier.

Allen Linen Supply is comprised of many people devoting themselves to supplying the best linen rental service possible today. From the laundering through the systematic finishing, people care. From counting and packaging to the attentive drivers, they want you to be more than just satisfied. Management that constantly seeks new and exciting colors, fabrics and additional products to better serve you. Something more that is offered at Allen Linen Supply is honesty. Honesty in product and honesty in performance. If these are qualities that you desire let us prove ourselves to you. Delivery once per week or once per year we stand ready to serve.

Specialty of the house, table linen. Our colors speak for themselves. Our table linen service has many advantages.

  • QUALITY in manufacturing using materials that provide color consistency throughout its life.
  • ATTENTION to fashion trends for color updating to satisfy the demands.
  • COMPATIBILITY for complimenting and contrasting colors within our selection and also with your own prints or fashion fad ideas.
  • QUALITY in laundering and finishing combined with individual examination to assure product excellence.
  • CONSISTENCY, be it in the frenzy of June or the peacefulness of January, service and quality are maintained.
  • CONCERN for your satisfaction by requesting feedback from all our customers to improve a common goal.
  • INNOVATION of new products, new designs and new colors.

Customer Testimonial:

"I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for taking care of our linen issue. The new linens look great and I do appreciate your swift action."


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